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We are guessing you may have come to talk about an endeavor for Walking Moon Studios: the film "Man Behind the Myth." Response has been overwhelming and we thank you for your support.


We made this film to tell a truth that has been silenced and suppressed for over two decades. We not only believe this truth should be heard-- we go further: We believe the truth about who Michael Jackson was -- needs to be heard.

And that need led to: Man Behind The Myth.

The creators of the film ask that the integrity of the film and the intention for which it was created be respected and honored. We request that it not be altered in any way but instead kept in its full and entire original version. We are very disappointed that some fans such as "Newoak.NL" have hijacked the film and changed the introduction which was carefully created to impact the viewer in a certain way. We respect the work of other artists; we request that other artists respect our hard work and not alter the art. This would be like walking into a museum or art gallery and changing the painting by painting over it with another brush. There's no integrity in that. Not cool.

The dissemination of the film is a work in progress. As information becomes necessary or availble, updates will appear on this website.

Walking Moon Studios is a subsidiary of a larger body of work by the artists connected with the studio. That work includes film, literature, studio arts, script writing, screen plays, stage productions, creative writing, acting, filmaking and other branches of the arts.

There were and are scores of people besides the artists at Walking Moon who were instrumental and essential in this project and the making of "Man Behind the Myth." They come from many backgrounds and professions. They have been a huge factor in the work and in making this work possible. Without you, it would not have happened. Thank You.

If you had a fleeting thought there that momentarily said: "I wonder if they mean me?" Yes, we do mean you. We would like to say "thank you" to everyone who was and is a part of the mission of Walking Moon which it making the world a better and more humane place through the arts and the recognition of artists and artistic genius.

Those constituents include: Professors; art advocates; attorneys; researchers; website developers, designers and owners; physicians, filmakers; writers; journalists; college administrators; art historians; and so many more... And of couse, some Michael Jackson fans.

Walking Moon Creators and Artists:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who created the film?
A. It was a collaborative effort among the artists from Walking Moon Studios.

Q. Who are the people behind it?
A. The message of the film and creating a more humane narrative on this planet among its people is what is important. There is a lot at stake. The individuals or names are not important. The message and creating change is what is important.

Q. Who owns the film?
A."Ownership" is an interesting question, isn't it? Who "owns" the "rights" to the film? The world needs to know the information on the film. So we think it belongs to the world. The world is enough.

Q. Who owns the copyright for "Man Behind the Myth?"
A. The film is licensed under "Creative Commons" because it is a compilation and an educational film hosted by an educational institution.

Q. Why was the film created?
A. The film was created to hold up a mirror to the world, to the media and to each of us in order to illustrate that when something is placed into the lexicon, we are all downwind of that. We need to individually and collectively examine what we are contributing to the world. There is good reason why it is not wise to, with hubris, spit into the wind.

It was also created to demonstrate the bias of media. The media believes that in order to attract and retain audiences, it has to peddle "spectacle" to the viewers. It will sensationalize or scandalize a story to maximize its impact and gain readership while claiming "we only give our viewers what they clamor for." It's the old chicken and egg story. Do the viewers really clamor for sensation and gore or does the media create a climate where "spectacle" reigns supreme? Journalism lives by the creed "If it bleeds, it leads." That's not responsible news gathering; it's manipulation. The world is beginning to catch on.

Q. May we translate it into our native language?
A. Yes, it may be translated into another language so long as that is accomplished using subtitles which to not block any script on the screen. For example, if there is script at the bottom of the screen, subtitles should be placed at the top; if the script is at the top, the bottom of the screen is where subtitles should be placed. We are not in favor of translation in voiceover. This would compromise the integrity of the film and the artistry of this film's narrator.

Q. May we upload the film to youtube?
A. The film was released with Vimeo because the quality is superior. The length of the film is not suited to youtube unless the account is an older account or advanced account that hosts longer films. The film is not to be altered in any way. It must not be split into parts but the entire film must be shown in its original form. No other introductions should preceed the film; no other endings are appropriate.

The clips used in the film were original clips from many sources. They have not been altered in any way. The integrity of the clips should remain intact.

We prefer it be hosted with Vimeo but realize the popularity and practicality of Youtube. We ask that it be hosted in its entirety as is, not in parts and not with any additions, subtractions or edits.

If hosted at youtube, the comments capability must be turned off. A library of negativity, anger, epithets, YELLING or !!!!!, does not enhance the film or the experience of it. Art is about the soul. It is intended to be viewed, taken in and held silently while it percolates in the psyche and nourishes the soul. Hateful dialogue is not nourishing to humans.

Q. May I host the film on my website?
A. Yes. As is only. We appreciate when people ask us. And we appreciate when they inform us or update us with new information or decisions made.

Q. Where may I publicly show this film?
A. It is licensed under creative commons. It is available to anyone who wishes to use it. We ask that its integrity and the integrity of its message be maintained. We suggest churches, schools, civic groups, educational or social institutions or wherever humans are found.

Q. Is it available for airing on television?
A. Of course. We would like to be notified if that is being considered.

Q. Is Walking Moon studios available for comment or interviews?
A. Our intention was to create a work of art. Historically, art has changed the world through powerful and evocative images. We feel our work and the art speaks for itself. For now, there is no need to add to or embelish the film or its message.

Q. Is Walking Moon studios available for consultation?
A. Yes. Send an email with requests.

Q. Is Walking Moon Studios available for other projects?
A. We are. What did you have in mind?

Q. Will Walking Moon Studios be releasing a sequel to "Man Behind the Myth?"
A. That idea certainly has legs and is currently walking around Walking Moon as a distinct possibility. We will let you know if and when it happens.

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