Champions, Superheroes and Stewards... Earth is calling!

Yes, Earth is Calling... YOU!

Michael Jackson heard her call ("Earth Song") way back in the late 1980s and in 1995, he released Earth Song. He brought attention to the deterioration of our planet long before it was popular, long before climate change was a talking point. Michael Jackson was a save the Earth activist

In WMS' new documentary released now in HD "How Do Humans Heal a World; Heartbreak is a Necessary Thing" Michael Jackson takes his place beside other luminaries who advocate for stewardship of our planet before it's too late. Are you an Earth Steward?

Superheroes, champions and stewards are not just fictional nor cartoon characters. You may be one yourself. If you are feeling a low grade melancholy or sadness about the state of affairs on the planet and what appears to be general indifference to the dangers that threaten human life, there is something that is bubbling up from under that sadness. If you are vaguely aware of a feeling of uneasiness, vague impending doom or overwhelm, there is something that your soul that is calling you to do. Love. Those feelings are communicating to you; their purpose is to remind you about your vast and vulnerable LOVE. The love for life, for the planet and yes, even for humanity is inherent in the human. As humanity, any of the things that separate us are illusions; in reality, we are all intricately interconnected in the vast and shimmering web of life. The deepest part of you knows that and it feels an aching love for this planet and its miracle of bringing life into form in countless and magnificent ways.

In the quantum world, atoms communicate with each other across vast distances. Electrons talk to each other! Whether we are conscious of it or not, everything that passes across the screen of "reality" affects all of us. Technology has given us a means to connect as never before but it has also given us the ability to create solidarity. The more we know of others' lives and stories, the more we learn we are more alike than different.

When someone we love is being harmed, we naturally feel grief. Right now we are all feeling the harm being created to our planet. Whether we are conscious of it or not, it's personal and that concern is floating around in the collective human psyche. On some level, we know and we feel what is happening. If the reaction is to feel overwhelmed or helpless in the face of looming harm and disaster, trauma lodges in the psyche and our immediate response is to freeze it and push it away so as to avoid feeling it. Nobody wants to feel pain so the human quells that pain and hurt by converting it-- using anger, distraction, denial, paralysis, overwhelm, cynicism, resignation, implosion, and other defense mechanisms of the mind in order to hold the pain at bay.

Holding all that emotion in feels similar to holding a beach ball underwater. It takes a great deal of pressure and energy to keep the feelings encapsulated and submerged. There is a large measure of fear that rules us when we try so hard to not feel. It's understandable, but it's not healthy. We can stay frozen in our grief and that doesn't work well and it won't change things. We must thaw the grief to get the underlying love flowing. Feelings hurt but they won't kill us. Allowing that frozen grief to thaw and wash over us thaws it and the love that is underneath. As the love begins to flow, we can use its released power and energy to take action-- and to assume or resume our role as stewards of this beautiful jewel of a planet.

Recognizing the frozen grief is a step toward redemption. We can redeem the human and move toward stewardship in becoming. We don't have to prefect it; we only have to begin.

This video is designed and destined to escort you into places that will thaw the frozen grief you may not even know you have, bring you soaring to the heights of raw and painful beauty and leave you wrapped in the warmth of awe and love. Watch it at your own risk ;-)

Last year, the “Words and Violence” Project, a program of Voices Compassionate Education, the Pedagogical Institute and educational arm of the Charter for Compassion, released its 4th edition. The emphasis in the 4th edition is on Mother Earth, and how resilient she has been in the wake of the endless ways we bully her. We've all heard stories of climate change, deforestation, global warming, pollution, and the misuse of our natural resources. This new edition helps concretize the planet's reality, and offers hope for a new beginning, with ways to thaw our frozen grief, and transform our concerns into motivation and action. The original video released on Earth Day 2015 brought thousands of viewers. Le Grand Rex, the largest theater in France requested to use it for their 24 hour mediation in the run-up to the 2016 COP 21 global climate summit held there, so it was made available with subtitles in French. The film is continually being perfected for maximum impact.

It is now available in HD. Watch it and hear Earth calling... Dare to hear her call and add your voice to the calling of humans to be her stewards. Begin here, then share. Link:

Violence Against Women

A few things sparked the interest in producing a short short on the violence that seems to visit women more than men...
The One Billion Rising movement, a course from Stanford university on Women and Human Rights and a conversation with some women of Congo.

Statistically 1 in 3 women will be violated in her lifetime. Will that be you? Your friend? Your sister? Mother? Daughter? Look around you; for every group of 3 women, one of them will be assaulted. That's jaw dropping. And unacceptable.

So we joined One Billion Rising, had a flash mob, and we put together a video or two....